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Cylinder Head Training Module Using VR

Problem Statement - The client faced a shortage of material to provide for the training and also faced difficulty in evaluating the training effectiveness​

Using VR, 3D Models, and UI Representations, the training experience was created successfully and efficiently.​

The client was able to track the activity and the blue-collar worker training effectiveness increased. This also resolved the issue of material shortage needed for the training.

Cold Strorage Container Virtual Reality Simulation

Project Requirement - To showcase the Envirotainer which is a Cold Storage Container to the clients

Using the immersive Virtual Reality technology, the Envirotainer was created using Unity and CGI to showcase the dimensions and the capacity, the airflow, and the actual use of the Envirotainer.

The creation of the Envirotainer using the Virtual Reality platform helped the company showcase the Envirotainer’s ability to transport the vials, the dimensions, and the air supply. Using the immersive technology helped in showing the perspective clients the product without its physical presence.


Enhanced Process Training

Virtual Reality help enhance the effectiveness of training.

It helps manufacturers train new employees on the assembly workflow.

VR helps workers visualize and understand the process performed across every step without giving rise to safety risks.

Fast Design and Prototyping

VR reduces the time between the initial design and physical modeling from weeks to a few days.

VR eliminates the need to create physical prototypes.

Prospects would have a better and deeper look at the virtual prototype than the actual one, thus enabling them to have a better understanding of the prototype.

Enhanced Technical Support

With the help of VR, technical experts and product specialists can work together and remotely review the actual problem.

They can virtually guide the engineers to help them fix the problem appropriately, without traveling to the site and practically, without any delays.

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