AirVPN is among the most identifiable VPN expertise in the world. The minimal signing policy, no DNS leakage and strong encryption make it an excellent decision for torrenting, Netflix internet streaming and many different different online activities.

The website on its own is refreshingly non-salesy and lays out the facts. Is actually organized with pages in features, web servers and prices, and a support bottom part and blog page.

It also includes a hardware posture page, which exhibits all computers with thorough status information (load, ping times, availablility of users), as well as user-centric numbers like highest speeds and longest treatments. This openness and info is a great support for choosing the best job to connect to, especially if if you’re new to VPNs or learn which machine will give you the minimum latency.

Loading and P2P

If you’re huge torrenter or a fan of streaming, AirVPN’s extensive set of servers means you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth around its entire library of 138 locations. And, unlike a few providers, you can port onward up to 20 ports just for enhanced tempo and performance.


If you’re an enthusiast, likely to appreciate that AirVPN along a wide range of systems – Glass doors, macOS and Linux, as well as iOS and Stainless OS. It also supports routers running DD-WRT, Tomato and AsusWRT. And forums happen to be where you’ll find long-term, real-user knowledge from devoted enthusiasts.

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